Audition Songs for Teen Girls 13 and Older

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Photo Source: “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Credit: Disney/Fred Hayes

Choosing a good audition song can be just as tricky as navigating the complicated teenage years—that’s why we asked performance coach Bill Cakmis and other industry experts to help. Here are some great song options from musicals of the stage and screen for girls aged 13–17.


What makes a good audition song for teen girls?

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A good audition song for teen girls should be age-appropriate, fit their vocal type, and be relevant to the role they’re auditioning for. It should also tell a story and be recognizable yet unique.

It’s appropriate. The song should explore topics that are neither too adult nor too juvenile for teen girls. It should also match the performer’s voice type and vocal range to showcase their singing to the best of their abilities. 

It fits the audition. A good audition song will show the audience that the performer is capable of taking on the character, emotions, and range involved in the role they’re auditioning for. 

It tells a story. Taking the audience on an emotional journey through the narrative of a song leaves them wanting more.

It’s recognizable but unique. Even the most patient casting director will “turn away and slam the door” after the millionth rendition of “Let It Go” from “Frozen.” The best audition songs are familiar enough that the audience recognizes it, yet not so popular that familiarity breeds contempt.

What are some great audition songs for teenage girls?

“Almost There” from “The Princess and the Frog” (uptempo)

“Almost There” allows young performers to showcase their vocal range without being too difficult. Teens 13 and older will likely connect to Tiana’s message about pursuing her dreams, allowing them to infuse their audition performance with passion.

“Dance With You” from “The Prom” (ballad)

Powerful and poignant, “Dance With You” explores themes of self-acceptance and inclusion. The song includes softer, intimate moments alongside moments of strength, allowing performers to demonstrate their range—both emotional and vocal.

“Dead Mom” from “Beetlejuice” (uptempo)

“Dead Mom” is sung from the perspective of Lydia, a young girl dealing with the recent death of her mother. The song is emotionally charged, allowing performers to showcase their acting abilities alongside their musical ones. 

“Everlasting” from “Tuck Everlasting” (ballad)

“Everlasting” portrays the excitement and adventure of the path toward adulthood while also depicting the bittersweet desire to stay young forever. Teens can use the song’s emotional content to showcase their emotional interpretation skills.

“I’d Rather Be Me” from “Mean Girls” (uptempo)

Sung by the defiantly awesome Janis, this anthem allows the performer to let it all out, from anger and angst all the way to resilient strength. Its message of empowerment and forging one’s own path is bound to leave its mark on listeners. 

“The Lamest Place in the World” from “13: The Musical” (ballad)

Relatable, witty, and oh so catchy, this song can present more of a challenge—but also more of a reward—for delivery. And since it’s sung by 13-year-old Patrice, it’s a perfect fit for a just-turned-tween.

“Surface Pressure” from “Encanto” (uptempo)

Performers can imbue this viral song about the pressure to live up to familial expectations with their own unique touch. The song is ideal for teen girls who can access a powerful lower register.

“My Big French Boyfriend” from “The Toxic Avenger” (uptempo)

Want to make the audience laugh? Performers can demonstrate their comedic chops and versatility with “My Big French Boyfriend,” a hilarious song about puppy love.

“I Know Things Now” from “Into the Woods”

“I Know Things Now” is a strong option for teen girls with good vocal control. Little Red Riding Hood’s discovery of the complexities of the world and the very real possibility of danger allows performers to weave a story with their song.

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