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Major streamers, such as HBO and Netflix, are producing must-watch television series on a regular basis. From “Succession” and “Euphoria” to “Stranger Things” and “Wednesday,” there’s no shortage of critically acclaimed shows being watched—and being talked about.  Do you hope to one day star in a hit series? Now is your chance to join a major project by auditioning for one of these gigs. From award winners to new series, here’s our roundup of HBO, Netflix, and more great gigs looking for talent.

HBO: “The Sympathizer”

The HBO series “The Sympathizer,” starring Robert Downey Jr. (“Iron Man”), is seeking Asian talent, aged 18 and up, for background roles. The production particularly seeks Vietnamese talent of all genders, ages, and types. Shooting is through March in Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding area. Talent will be paid an industry-standard rate.

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Prime Video: A New Series 

A new Amazon streaming series is looking for talent of any gender with ballet experience, over the age of 10, for background roles. Shooting is this spring in NYC and Jersey City. Talent will be paid $165–$500 per day.

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CBS Production

A production for the CBS network is seeking Latino and Hispanic background talent, over the age of 6, for nonspeaking roles. Talent will portray immigrants from South America. Shooting is in Queens, New York. Talent will be paid $165–$187 for an 8-hour day.

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TV Pilot: “Oil & Water”

A pilot for a new TV drama series, “Oil & Water,” is seeking male talent, aged 18–45, for a principal role. The show is about the lives of the members of a dysfunctional, rich, and powerful family. Talent will play Justin, a former college athlete and fashion model who is muscular, intelligent, attractive, and conniving. Shooting is in Los Angeles, California. Talent will be paid $2,000–$2,500 for a 3-day shoot, plus travel and meals.

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Revry: “Scales”

The Revry streaming series “Scales” is seeking fit male talent, aged 28–40 and 5’10” or taller, for a supporting role. Talent will play Chase, a gay photographer with a heart of gold, a role that may require sharing a kiss with male or female talent. Shooting is in Atlanta, Georgia, and talent must be local to the area. Talent will be paid up to $100 per day.

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RoKu Series: “Bad Ben News”

The RoKu series “Bad Ben News” is looking for talent over the age of 18. The show follows a newscast format, and talent will play characters from the Paranormal World as news personalities, including vampires, witches, zombies, and more. The RoKu channel that hosts the series is due to become an Amazon Fire channel. Shooting is once a month, and some roles are recurring. Talent will be paid $100–$250 per 3-hour shoot. Open auditions are on Feb. 4 in Linwood, New Jersey.

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Prime Video: “Peppermint”

The Amazon series “Peppermint” is seeking talent. The production wants talent who can convincingly mime playing the bagpipes, aged 18–30, Black male talent with dancing skills, aged 40–65, to work for one day as a photo double for the role of James Brown, plus more. Bagpipers shoot mid-Feb. in Los Angeles, California; photo double talent shoots Feb in LA. Talent will be paid $132–$219 per day, depending on the role.

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HBO: “Boss”

The HBO series “Boss” is looking for real couples who are comfortable kissing on camera, aged 18–35. The production also wants general NYC types, aged 18 and up, for further background roles. Couples will shoot on March 9 in New York City; further shooting dates in NYC will be scheduled for other background roles. Talent will be paid $165–$187 per 10-hour day, plus a stipend for COVID-19 testing.

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Prime Video: “Bird’s Eye Witness”

The upcoming Amazon Prime feature film “Bird’s Eye Witness” is looking for talent. The film is about a struggling mortician who kills people to bring clients back to his business. The production wants female talent, aged 40–58, to play the mortician’s wife, female talent, aged 26–38, to play Mrs. Blaze, plus more. Shooting is through March. Talent will be paid up to $110 per day.

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Pilot: “Revolt: Exodus—Parable 1”

A pilot for the new series “Revolt: Exodus” is looking for talent. The urban sci-fi/dystopian series is about a woman risking everything to save her deceased friend’s young daughter from a sinister government agency. The production wants Black female talent with martial arts skills, aged 18–19 and 120 lbs. or less, to play Adirah, whose mother was killed, Black female talent, aged 25–40, to play Irene, a nurse and Adirah’s protector, plus more. Shooting starts June in Arizona and Michigan. Talent will be paid $1,500–$3,500 per day, depending on the role.

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