5 Paid Production Assistant Jobs Looking for Applicants Now

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Searching for production assistant jobs? Stay up to date with the latest industry and crew news with our write-up on who’s looking for below-the-line and creative talent. We update this roundup frequently to include the best production assistant jobs available now, so you can easily get a jump-start on your career. 

Please note that shoot dates are subject to state and county restrictions and may change. Refer to the Call Sheet for the latest updates.

Geneva, New York: ‘Ballroom’

A feature film titled “Ballroom” is seeking a PA to work on set in the fall. Pay is $100–$800 per day. Travel and meals will be provided. 

Want this gig? Apply here by July 3.

Washington, D.C.: Experimental Short Film

An experimental short film about the lives of Asian women is searching for a PA. Shooting takes place in June and July in Italy. Pay is $100–$500. 

Want this gig? Apply here by July 6.

Atlantic City, New Jersey: Short Film

A short film is looking for a PA to shoot on June 29. Pay is $200–$400. 

Want this gig? Apply here by June 27.

New York City, New York: Short Film

A short film titled “Box” is searching for two PAs to handle props and perform other duties on set. Applicants with a car are preferred. The film shoots from late July or early August in New York and New Jersey. The pay is $100. 

Want this gig? Apply here by June 16.

Los Angeles, California.: Short Film

A short film about a young painter who starts losing track of reality is seeking a PA. Dates are TBD. Pay is $50–$500. 

Want this gig? Apply here by Oct. 21.

For more on how to get work on a film crew, visit Backstage’s crew hub!

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