A New York Play Needs a Production Assistant + More Paid Jobs

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Searching for production assistant jobs? Stay up to date with the latest industry and crew news with our write-up on who’s looking for below-the-line and creative talent. We update this roundup frequently to include the best production assistant jobs available now, so you can easily get a jump start on your career. 

Please note that shoot dates are subject to state and county restrictions and may change. Refer to Call Sheet for the latest updates, and keep checking Backstage for the latest news on project development during this time.

New York: Absurdist Play

An absurdist play is looking for a PA to handle different jobs each day, including costumes and props to personally assist the stage manager. The play runs from June 9–12 and June 16–19. Pay is $150 for a three-week project. 

Want this gig? Apply here.

L.A.: Mini-Series

A mini-series for music videos is seeking a PA to assist on set from June 13–24. Pay is $125–$250 per day. 

Want this gig? Apply here by June 10.

L.A.: Short Film

A short film is searching for a PA to manage technical and administrative tasks, such as running errands to distributing scripts. Pay is $150. The shoot runs from May 25–29. 

Want this gig? Apply here by May 23.

New York: Acting Reel

An actor is seeking a PA for an acting reel shoot. PAs do not need experience to apply. Pay is $15 per hour. 

Want this gig? Apply here by May 5.

Washington, D.C.: Comedic Drama

A comedic drama short film is looking for a PA to assist in Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Dates are TBD. Pay is $100 per day. 

Want this gig? Apply here by Aug. 5.

Houston, TX: Production Agency

A production agency is seeking PAs to help run an event every weekend in July. The PAs will be responsible for setting up and breaking down equipment, swag bag stuffing, and check-in and greeting. Pay is $22 per hour biweekly. 

Want this gig? Apply here by July 16.

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