Great Disney Audition Songs for Women

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Aside from producing some of greatest family films of all time, Disney’s managed to create a wealth of audition material for musical theater performers. But trust us: No one wants to hear “Let It Go” one...more...time. Here are some classic Disney songs that you can make your own for your next audition. Plus, re-watching some of your favorite childhood films as research doesn’t sound too bad either.

Here are six Disney audition songs for women:

“Poor Unfortunate Souls,” from “The Little Mermaid”
Ursula is one of the best villains in Disney history, so if you’re looking for something to show you’re a badass with even badder vocal range, look no further than “Poor Unfortunate Souls.” Most songs from “The Little Mermaid” are sweet and (more than slightly) overdone, but this one’s got edge and comedic appeal.

“Mother Knows Best,” from “Tangled”
A newer effort from Disney, “Tangled” became an instant classic in 2010 and offers tons of beautiful music for performers. “Mother Knows Best,” originally sung by two-time Tony Winner Donna Murphy (“Passion” and “The King and I”) allows singers to get gritty and hit high notes. What more is there?

“Just Around the Riverbend” from “Pocahontas”
Filled with some of the most beautiful music to ever grace a Disney film, “Pocahontas” has tons of options. However, consider that the Oscar-winning song “Colors of the Wind” might be a little overdone, and opt for the equally melodic “Just Around the Riverbend,” originally performed by stage legend Judy Kuhn (“Fun Home”).

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“For the First Time in Forever” from “Frozen”
No need to swear off “Frozen” for good; there’s a reason it became as popular as it has, after all. Opt for a lesser-known song if you want to sing this viral Disney musical, however. “For the First Time in Forever,” sung in the film by Kristen Bell, is an upbeat option—just cut it off before Elsa (Idina Menzel) comes in with those “Let It Go” verses.

“Perfect Isn’t Easy,” from “Oliver & Company”
You can’t underestimate Disney; this hit from the 1988 film is sung by none other than Bette Midler. (Yes, that Bette Midler.) Try this cheeky number on for size and remind casting directors you’re, well, perfect for the role.

“Belle (Little Town),” from “Beauty and the Beast”
You didn’t think we could leave off this iconic film, did you? If you slice and dice some of Belle’s verses together, this Alan Menken and Howard Ashman song is perfect if you can hit those beautiful high notes.

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Bonus Song: “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” from “Hercules”
Meg’s song might be hard to arrange with all the back-up singing, but it’s hard to deny this is one of the catchiest and most contemporary Disney offerings. Belt it! Just for fun!!

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