Fitness and Fashion Fanatic? Here’s How to Model for Lululemon

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If you have a penchant for holding poses—both in the yoga studio and in front of the camera—you might be interested in becoming a model for athleisure retailer Lululemon. This guide can help you achieve your goal with zen-like confidence, from leaning into a downward dog to strutting your stuff on the catwalk.

Why model for Lululemon?

Brand: The brand’s ethos exists at the juncture of comfort, health, and status. Its stated purpose is to “elevate human potential by helping people feel their best,” as exemplified by its core values, which include personal responsibility, connection, inclusion, courage, and fun. Its marketing strategies focus on community building for physical and social wellness, and the company strives to provide holistic support to its representatives. 

Connection: Anyone into yoga (unlike Rupert Holmes), meditation, Pilates, and other forms of wellness may already be a self-proclaimed Luluhead. The company aims to be a community hub, meaning modeling for them can connect you with like-minded people. 

Representation: Lululemon is committed to diverse representation and inclusion. According to its global head of inclusion, diversity, equity, and action, Stacia Jones, “Inclusion puts our people—employees, ambassadors, guests, and business partners—at the center of everything we do, which is where our people ought to be.” The brand showcases a spectrum of models of different ages, body types, and backgrounds—far beyond the stereotype of a lean, bougie yogi often associated with it.

How much do Lululemon models earn?

While the company doesn't disclose compensation publicly, according to ZipRecruiter, its models earn a little under $50/hour on average. Model salary will usually vary, depending on experience, the project scope and size, and the type of campaign (digital, print, or live).

What are the different types of Lululemon models?

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Lululemon has five types of modeling programs. 

Ambassador program: Ambassadors are provided with resources and tools to help them better connect with their communities. They’re also invited to try out new clothing and accessories. 

  • Submissions: Use the store finder tool to find your local store, then go in person to talk to a representative. 

Sweat Collective: Members of this group receive 25% off brand gear, invitations to special events, and an open line of communication with the brand’s movers and shakers. 

  • Submissions: Group personal fitness trainers, studio and gym owners, managers, athletes, coaches, and sports team staff are invited to apply to the Sweat Collective.

Affiliate program: Part of the media? You can make money writing stories about the brand.

  • Submissions: If you run a fitness blog, write for a yoga magazine, or are otherwise part of the writing and editorial ecosystem, sign up here.

Creator network: Similarly, content creators can harness the power of social media to earn commissions by posting purchase links. 

  • Submissions: Check out the application form if you have a solid social media following.

Traditional models: Follow the brand to learn about open calls and model searches. Be sure to show up ready to de-stress and impress. 

Steps to become a Lululemon model

1. Embrace the #sweatlife. The retailer seeks those who embrace what they deem the “sweatlife,” which is to “sweat, grow, and connect.” Where you are on your journey can vary, but you should be committed to fitness, growth, and community.

2. Gain experience. See if any local fitness studios and companies need models, coaches, or instructors. Remember that Lululemon is community-oriented, so the more active you can be in your local wellness community, the better. 

3. Build a professional portfolio. Create a modeling portfolio with high-quality photos that showcase your unique look and athletic abilities. Be sure to include images that align with the brand; if you have a killer scorpion pose, highlight the full power of its sting in your portfolio. 

4. Connect on social media. Engage with the brand’s posts on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook. Look into its social media campaigns, such as #Feel and #Proud&Present, to get an idea of the kind of vibe it’s looking for. Post modeling photos that let your personality shine, and use brand and campaign tags like #lululemon, #lululemoncreator #luluhead, #sweatlife, #lulumodel, and #fitnessmodel.

5. Network. Attend relevant fashion and wellness conferences and workshops. Keep abreast of Lululemon experiential store openings, pop-ups, and events—you might just connect with the right industry insider who can let you know about any upcoming opportunities.

6. Seek representation. Submit to modeling agencies to see if you can land an agent who can help connect you with people and projects. It may help to work with an agency that specializes in fitness modeling, such as:

If you already have an agent, be sure to mention your interest in modeling for Lulu.