A Netflix Thriller Starring Robert De Niro Needs Talent + Other Great Background Casting Calls

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Those searching for extra-acting jobs have come to the right place. Each week, we update this roundup to include the latest gigs in the industry for background work. From the upcoming Netflix political thriller “Zero Day” to an Al Pacino-led feature, these are the best background casting calls looking for talent now. 

“Zero Day”

Grant Wilfley Casting is again seeking background talent for “Zero Day,” an upcoming Netflix political thriller starring Robert De Niro, Lizzy Caplan, Jesse Plemons, and Angela Bassett. Talent, aged 18–40, is wanted to portray college students and Army soldiers in 2nd unit background roles. Talent will work on April 24 in New York City. Pay is $176 for 10 hours of work.

Want this gig? Apply here for college students, and apply here for soldiers.

Feature Film, 1960s Festival Goers

Grant Wilfley Casting is also seeking talent in NYC and New Jersey, aged 18 and older, to portray festival goers in background roles in a 1960s-set feature film. Talent may be required to create a Background Actor Digital Replica for the purposes of crowd duplication for use in this project only if they agree to participate. Filming will take place on multiple dates between April 22 and May 24 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Pay is $176 for 10 hours of work for nonunion talent and $208 for eight hours of work plus a fitting fee of $52.

Want this gig? Apply here for nonunion talent, and apply here for union talent.

“A Classic Spy”

Alessi Hartigan Casting is seeking San Francisco, California-based talent, aged 18 and older, for general background in “A Classic Spy,” a scripted comedy series for Netflix from “The Good Place” creator Mike Schur and starring Ted Danson. Talent will work in early May in San Francisco. Pay is $144 for eight hours of work for nonunion talent and $208 for eight hours of work for union talent.

Want this gig? Apply here.

Al Pacino Photo Double & Stand In, Feature Film

Kathy McKee Casting is seeking a white male actor, aged 55–65, to serve as a stand-in/photo double for Al Pacino in an upcoming feature film. Talent will work in Las Vegas, Nevada, with dates TBD. Pay is $200 per day for approximately 28 days of work. 

Want this gig? Apply here.

Netflix Feature Film

Roman Candle Casting is seeking child talent, aged 5–14, for background roles in a Netflix feature film. Talent will work in NYC through April 29. Pay is $176–$187.

Want this gig? Apply here.

“Cotton Fever”

Join the cast of “Cotton Fever,” a feature film with an ensemble of characters struggling with addiction and love on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, during the height of the fentanyl epidemic. Actors, aged 8–80, are wanted for various day player and background roles. Filming will take place in May in and around Boston. Pay is $240 for the day, with travel and meals provided.

Want this gig? Apply here.

“Richland Heights” Season 2

Richland Heights,” a faith-based scripted series from Kingdom Salvation Films, is seeking actors, aged 18 and older, for various roles for its second season, including background roles portraying cheerleaders, football players, teachers, and students. Work dates are TBD. Pay is $100–$500 for up to two days of work, with travel, meals, and out-of-state accommodations provided.

Want this gig? Apply here.

“Walking Enigmas”

Casting is underway for “Walking Enigmas,” an American crime-drama limited series about a man from New Orleans, Louisiana, who has taken it upon himself to complete his father's mission. In addition to talent, aged 23–74, for leads and supporting roles, including the protagonist Theodore, the production is seeking background actors, aged 18 and older. Filming will begin on July 13, 2024, in New Orleans. Pay is $50 for two hours of work.

Want this gig? Apply here.

“Spider-Man: Fallout,” Fan Film

Casting is underway for “Spider-Man: Fallout,” a “Spider-Man” fan film set in a world where heroes are on the brink of peace and Miles Morales, a.k.a. Spider-Man, faces a slew of consequences when taking on Kindred, the city’s greatest nightmare. Georgia-based talent, aged 10–70, is wanted for various on-camera and voiceover roles, including background roles portraying pedestrians, protestors, police, and more. Stunt training will be required for specific background roles, including pilots, gunmen, and more. Additionally, production is hiring multiple crew positions, including a director, a makeup artist, and more. Talent will work in Fall 2024 in NYC, with rehearsals preceding three to six months prior. Pay is $50–$200 per week. 

Want this gig? Apply here.

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