CASTING ALERT: Earn $1,500 per Day Appearing in a Skincare Commercial + More Roles for Kids

Photo Source: Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

There are lots of great roles for kids auditioning right now. The horror feature film “Blood Bash” needs talent to play the principal as a young boy in a flashback scene, a spot for Bio-Oil Skincare is seeking female talent, and more!

A commercial for Bio-Oil Skincare is seeking nonwhite female talent, aged 7–13, to play a daughter. The spot is a touching narrative about remarkable moments between a mother and daughter. Shooting is on Aug. 28–29 in San Diego, California. Talent will be paid $1,500 per day. Apply here!

A web spot for a new device is looking for Asian or white male talent, aged 9–14, for a nonspeaking role. The commercial shows a tech-savvy, world-traveling grandma visiting with her grandchildren. Talent will be interacting with the brand device and demonstrating “genuine heart and warmth.” Shooting is in Bellevue, Washington with dates TBD. Talent will be paid $750 per eight hours. Apply here!

The short film “Deep End” is casting white male and female talent, aged 10–16, for a principal and supporting role. The film is about a boy who discovers the terrifying secret behind an abandoned swimming pool. The production needs male talent to play the principal role which requires swimming and diving and female talent to play the principal’s slightly older sister which requires bike riding. The short shoots from Aug. 23–25 north of NYC. Talent will be paid $100 per day plus meals and some travel. Apply here!

A horror-slasher feature film, “Blood Bash,” is looking for white male talent, aged 10–15, to play the main character Billy as a 12-year-old youth in a flashback scene. Shooting is in August in Howard Beach, New York. Talent will be paid $150 per day. Apply here!

The feature film “Dark Prophesy” is seeking black female talent, aged 16–19, for a supporting role. The movie is about four close friends who encounter a mysterious game that causes strange happenings and deaths, leading the group down a path of black magic. Shooting is ongoing in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $150 per day. Apply here!

The short film “Birdland, USA” is casting young talent for principal roles. The film is about a pair of siblings waiting for their mother to return from an errand. The production wants white female talent, aged 8–10, to play the confident sister, and white male talent, aged 6–8, to play the introverted brother. Shooting will take place in late summer and early fall in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $100 for the one-day shoot plus meals. Apply here!

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