CASTING ALERT: Join the CBS Series ‘FBI’ + More Auditions for Kids

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Photo Source: CBS

Looking for roles for young and emerging talent? There are plenty of opportunities for kids and teens in cities and regions across the country. The CBS series “FBI” and Amazon Studios series “Panic” are both casting background actors while a real estate commercial needs female talent. Also, the HBO Max anthology series “Love Life” is looking for talent to play a young version of Anna Kendrick’s character and more! 

The second season of the CBS series “FBI” is seeking talent, aged 16–21, for background roles. The fast-paced drama follows the inner workings of the NYC office of the FBI. Talent will play high school students. Shooting will take place on Oct. 17 in NYC. Talent will be paid. Apply here!

The Amazon Studios series “Panic” is casting talent for background roles. The show is about a dangerous game that graduating teenagers can play, where winning means getting to leave their small rural town. The show needs talent, aged 8 and older, to play townspeople, trailer park residents, and diner patrons, and talent, aged 16–25, to play high school students. Shooting will take place from mid-October–March 2020 in Austin, Smithville, Bastrop, Lockhart, Elgin, and Georgetown, Texas. Talent will be paid $68 per eight-hour shooting day. Apply here!

A real estate commercial for a start-up company needs female talent, aged 8–14, for a principal role. Talent will play a daughter who builds a fort out of blankets with her father. Shooting will take place from Oct. 22–24 in NYC. Talent will be paid $700. Apply here!

The HBO Max anthology series “Love Life” is searching for female talent, aged 16–20, who looks like a young Anna Kendrick, for a major supporting role. Talent will play Anna Kendrick’s character Darby in a flashback scene when she is 16-years-old and in high school. Shooting will take place from Oct. 23–30 in NYC. Talent will be paid, plus travel. Apply here!

A video promo for a medical device wants female talent, aged 7–10, for a principal role. The video is for a dynamometer, a tool for measuring grip strength, and shows scenes from a life that demonstrate the importance of grip strength. Talent will play a young person during a few key moments of their childhood, such as learning to ride a bike. Shooting will focus on talent’s grip. The role is similar to hand modeling. Shooting is on Oct. 19 or 20 in Melrose, MA. Talent will be paid $350 for a max of five hours of shooting. Apply here!

The feature film “Alieu the Dreamer” is seeking young talent for two small roles. The film is about a world where humans haven’t dreamed for 30 years, when the government discovers a young man living in the projects who can dream. The film needs white male and female talent, aged 5–8, to play the characters Marcus and Maya as young people. Shooting is on Oct. 21 in Atlanta, GA. Talent will be paid $64 for 8 hours of shooting. Apply here!

An ongoing and interactive online graphic novel is casting voiceover talent. “Homecoming” is being produced by a former animator for “The Simpsons” and will feature fully-animated panels that play 3–60 second cartoons. The project needs black male talent, aged 16–28, to play a bully and white female talent, aged 16–28 to play the country jerk. The series is dialogue-heavy and needs mature talent. Recording dates are TBD. Roles are paid. Apply here!

The feature film “Sprung” is looking for diverse male and female talent for principal and supporting roles. The film is a hip-hop, urban take on the classic German play from 1892 about rebellious high school students. The film wants male talent, aged 15–18, with some singing, dancing, and Shakespeare training to play the natural leader Magych, male talent, aged 15–18, with similar training to play his best friend, female talent, aged 15–20, with similar training to play a cheerleader, and more. Rehearsals are in Los Angeles this December. Talent will be paid SAG-AFTRA New Media Contract rates with meals and travel provided. Apply here!

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