CASTING ALERT: Play a Lead Role in the Investigation Discovery Series ‘Evil Lives Here’ + More Auditions for Kids

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There are lots of great opportunities for young talent seeking roles on the stage and screen this week. A regional production of August Wilson’s “Fences” needs black female talent for a supporting role. Also, a horror feature film is looking for male and female talent for featured roles, Investigation Discovery’s “Evil Lives Here” is casting a lead role, and more.

A TV series for Investigation Discovery is looking for white male talent, aged 8–12, for a principal role. Talent will play Corey, a nervous and apprehensive youth that is scared of his stepmother who physically abuses him. No violence will be shown onscreen. Shooting is from Sept. 18–21 in the New Jersey area. Talent will be paid $250 per day plus a 10 percent agency fee. Apply here!

AthensWest Theatre Company’s production of August Wilson’s “Fences” is seeking Equity and nonunion talent. The production wants black female talent, aged 8–12, to play the supporting role of  Raynelle Maxon. Raynelle is the daughter of the principal Troy, conceived with another woman while Troy was married to Rose. Auditions are by appointment on Sept. 21–22 in Lexington, Kentucky. Rehearsals start on Jan. 13, with the show running from Feb. 7–23 in Lexington. Equity talent will be paid $343 per week with a stipend for nonunion actors. Apply here!

The feature film “The Suicide Squad” is casting black, Middle Eastern, and Latinx talent, aged 6–12, to play children from South American countries. The film stars Margot Robbie and Idris Elba and is based on the DC comic books. Shooting is on Oct. 7 in Fayetteville, Georgia. Talent will be paid $150 per eight hours plus overtime. Apply here!

A web video for ACTFL  is looking for talent, aged 11–18, to play students. The video presents test-taking tips for the language test for high- and middle-school students. Shooting is from Sept. 20–30 in Alexandria, Virginia. Talent will be paid $50 per hour. Apply here!

A commercial for a leading hot dog brand needs real people and talent that can perform as such. The spot wants talent, aged 12–23, to play two teenagers gaming online with headsets in a scripted scene. Shooting is on Sept. 19, 24, and 25 in NYC and upstate New York. Talent will be paid $200 for a half-day of shooting. Apply here!

A UCLA MFA thesis film is looking for South Asian or Indian talent for two supporting roles. The film is about a writer-director making “a film about her strained relationship with her father after he unexpectedly dies while visiting relatives in India.” The production wants female talent, aged 6–10, to play a carefree young girl and male talent, aged 11–14, to play a happy boy, with a British accent a big plus. Shooting is from Sept. 20–24 in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $125 per day. Apply here!

A horror feature film wants young talent for featured roles. The film is about a filmmaker that returns to his estranged parents’ home after the mysterious death of his younger brother. The production wants male talent, aged 9–14 and aged 5–10, to play the principal as a young boy at two different points of growing up, male talent, aged 7–11 and aged 4–8, to play the same for the principal’s younger brother, and female talent, aged 3–12, for another role. Shooting is from Sept. 23–Oct. 4 and Oct. 4–Nov. 23 in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $200 per day. Apply here!

A psychological horror film, “Son,” is casting male and female talent, aged 5–12, for supporting roles as park kids. The production also wants black, Latino, or multiracial male talent, aged 5–11, for two roles including one that requires taking direction and dancing fluidly. Shooting is this October in NYC. Talent will be paid $50–$125 per day with meals provided. Apply here!

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