Fan of ‘Cobra Kai’? Strike First + Audition for These Gigs

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Photo Source: Courtesy Netflix

The rematch of rival dojos Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do Karate has arrived. Season 5 of Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” premiered on Sept. 9. To celebrate the show’s return, we decided to round up some similar projects for actors to check out. From martial arts-inspired jobs to comedy-drama projects, bust out your black belt and apply to these casting calls. 

“Spectacular Spider-Man”

This student/fan series is the eight-episode story of Peter Parker learning how to become Spider-Man. The project is looking for Latino or Caucasian male talent, aged 30–50, to play Norman Osborn, a man with a personality disorder; female talent, aged 18–23, to play Peter Parker’s best friend; and eight other supporting roles, aged 18–50. Shooting is  TBD in L.A./Bakersfield. This is an unpaid gig. 

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“Plumb Line”

While this short film isn’t martial arts themed, it’s a dramedy that matches the tone of “Cobra Kai.” Casting is in search of a male actor, aged 20–30, with drawing skills to play the lead role of Helio, and a female actor, aged 50–60, with drawing skills to play the lead role of Shelly. Shooting takes place in Los Angeles Oct. 15–18. Pays $200 per day.

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“Don’t Stop Moving”

This short film emanates from a live-action game-playing experience. The project is seeking talent with martial artist skills, aged 20–30, as well as a stunt actor, aged 35–65, with dance and stunt experience. Shoots Oct. Bovina, New York. Pays $500 per day.

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“Bare Hands, Bare Feet”

This short film is about a single mother martial arts instructor and owner of her own dojo. The project is casting a male actor, aged 35–49, to play a supporting role of a once-decent man who turned violent; and an actor, aged 19–26, to play the supporting role of Mary, a sexual assault survivor. Casting also seeks multiple day players. Shoots TBD in 2023 in Sarasota and Tallahassee, Florida. Pays $75–$100 per day with travel, meals, and lodging provided.

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Casting is underway for this Japanese mystical drama short film. The production seeks Asian male talent, aged 7–8, with acrobatic/martial arts experience to play the lead role of Kenzo; Asian male talent, aged 40–60, to play the lead role of Oji, a comedian and dancer; Asian male talent, aged 22–30, to play Kaz, a professional baseball player; and Asian female talent, aged 25–40, to play Sumo. The project is also casting a number of ensemble roles. Films TBD in New York, Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. area. Pays $75–$125 per day.

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