Guide to Actor's Headshots

Headshots are among an actor’s most powerful tools; along with a resume and a reel, headshots are what casting directors and potential agents and managers will first see from a performer. The days of black and white headshots are long gone; today’s glossy 8 x 10s are as likely to be jpgs as they are to be mailed in a manila envelope.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about presenting your best foot forward—face first.


How to Take Headshots

Ordinarily, we don't advocate taking your own headshots.  For the best results, always hire a professional. But if you need DIY promotional materials, this article is for you. Read more.

How to Edit Headshots

If you're going to take your own headshots, editing your shots is crucial, as it will improve the quality of the images and will get you closer to a studio-quality look. Read more.

5 Tips on Posing for Headshots

When posing for headshots, you’re putting yourself in the hands of the photographer you’ve hired. Here are a few tricks you can try using to save a session—and your shots. Read more.

The Child Actor’s Tricks to Taking the Perfect Headshot

Getting the perfect headshot from a child is no easy task - here are some tips to make your child actor enjoy a photo session and get good pics Read more.

Studio vs. Natural Lighting? What's better?

When it comes to studio light vs. natural light for your headshots, everybody has an opinion. Learn the pros and cons here. Read more.

Backstage Headshot Photographer Directory

Find the best headshot photographer in your area with the Backstage Yellow Pages. Read more.

Capturing You - How to get a Great Headshot

How do you get a great headshot? And for that matter, what is a great headshot? Read More.

Video: What Makes a Good Headshot?

Acting coach Matt Newton tells you how to get headshots that pop in this video. 

Watch here.