How to get an Agent 

Next to being cast, finding an agent is one of the hardest aspects of becoming an actor. How do you get one? What makes an agent a good agent? How do you know if you’re a good fit together? And most importantly, what do agents think about their clients? Find out the basics of the actor-agent relationship here.


6 Ways to Find the Best Agent for You

Landing legitimate representation can be easy sometimes, but it can also be challenging. Here are some suggestions that might help in the process. 

4 Things an Agent Doesn’t Care About

Secret Agent Man breaks down four things agents do not care for when it comes to dealing with actors. Read More

How to Find an Agent in Callsheet

Before beginning your search, read this insider's guide to using the Backstage Call Sheet to search for agents, and how to properly submit an application for agent representation. Read more.

6 Differences between Agents and Managers

Agents and managers are a lot like the Israelis and Palestinians. Our views are different, there’s a lack of trust between us, and we uncomfortably share the same piece of real estate. Read more.

Backstage Talent Agents Section

Read dozens of articles on how to get a talent agent in the Backstage Talent Agent Topic section, written by industry agents - and check back for new features Read more.

Call Sheet Agent Directory 

The Backstage Call Sheet directory has over 900 agents listed. Search for agents by their location, specialty, union affiliations, and actor age range, to find the best agent for you.  Read more.

6 Questions to Ask Before Signing an Agent

How do you choose the right talent agent? Answering the following questions will help you. Read more.

DGRW’s Josh Pultz Talks 5 Major Aspects of Being a Talent Agent

Nearly 15 years ago, Josh Pultz  got an internship with the Douglas, Gorman, Rothacker, & Wilhelm Talent Agency (DGRW), and hasn’t left since. Learn what it's like. Visit here.

5 Tips for Making a Castability Sheet and Why You Need One

Find out how Castability Sheets are quickly becoming a major tactic to get industry insiders like agents to take notice of new talent, and find out how to create one for yourself: Read more.


How to Get an Agent in LA

 Often the first question we get when talking to actors new to Los Angeles is, "how do I find representation?"

 But the challenge isn’t just finding representation -- it’s finding good representation.

Read more.