L.A. Casting: Star in Electric Moped Promotional Content + More Great Gigs

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Don’t miss any of the great gigs available in Los Angeles and beyond! Ride to glory with a role in promotional material for a new electric moped startup. Plus, a sci-fi short film, a comedic web series, and more are casting in the L.A. area.

Casting is underway for website and digital ad content for the new electric moped startup Zebra. An actor-model, aged 22–30, who is uncomfortable riding a moped is wanted. The shoot will take place on Nov 8 in Venice Beach, California. Pay is $100 per day. Apply here!

Join the cast of “Becoming,” a short film that tells the story of an actor who is hired by a devastated widower to repeatedly roleplay the final confrontation he had with his wife. An actor of any gender, aged 18–35, is wanted to play the lead role of Adrian. Talent must be comfortable in a motion-capture suit. Filming will take place in mid-December in L.A. Pay is $125 per day with travel and meals provided. Apply here!

“IDOL 20”
Star in the cast of “Idol 20,” a comedic web series about a group of gamer friends who form a girl band that specializes in singing songs about esports and video games. Talent, aged 18–29, is wanted for several roles in the series, including the lead roles. Rehearsal and shoot dates will be TBD in L.A. Pay is $125 per day with meals provided. Apply here!

“You’ll Never Guess,” a new series for Snapchat where three judges try to guess your bizarre talent or hobby, is seeking contestants, aged 18–28, with strange talents or hobbies. Filming will take place on Nov. 19 in Santa Monica, California. Pay is $100 for two hours of work. Apply here!

Join the cast of “Momentum,” an episodic, ensemble series that follows 17-year-old Willow as she deals with the most impactful event in her life thus far: her mother’s death. Three actors, aged 16–25, are wanted for lead roles in the series, including the starring role of Willow. Rehearsals will begin in late February, followed by a five-day shoot in mid-March. Pay is $100 per day with meals provided. Apply here!

Everything You Need to Know About Auditioning

The short film “A Tale of 2 Dancerz” is casting a female dancer, aged 18 and older, for the lead role. The film will shoot in L.A. in November. Pay is $100. Apply here!

Casting is underway for a horror short set in a Donny and Marie-style variety show. Three actors, aged 18 and older, are wanted to play the lead roles of Hank, Cindy, and the Chef. Nudity will be required for the actor playing Cindy. Rehearsals and shoot dates will be in December in L.A. Pay is $100 per day with meals provided on set. Apply here!

The hit, award-winning musical “Dear Evan Hansen” is holding a West Coast open call for possible replacements in the New York and touring companies. Talent, aged 17 and older, is wanted to audition for principal and ensemble roles, including the eponymous Evan Hansen. The open call will be held on Nov. 9. Pay is $2,095 per week minimum. Apply here!

Casting is underway for “The Devil’s Order,” a comedic horror short film about a young pizza delivery driver who stumbles upon a satanic cult. Talent, aged 18–55, is wanted for several roles, including the lead role of the Leader. Filming will take place in November in Pasadena, California. Pay is up to $125 per day. Apply here!

Join the cast of “The Bird,” a short film about a straight-laced businessman who meets a mysterious woman at a middle-of-nowhere motel. Talent, aged 20–70, is wanted to play the three major roles in the film, which will shoot on Nov. 22–24 in the L.A. area. Pay is $150 per day. Apply here!

“Ascending Angels,” a new multimedia theater production exploring the dangers journalists face worldwide, is looking for actors, dancers, and singers. Talent, aged 7–60, is wanted for a variety of roles. Special skills including Arabic fluency, Shakespeare training, and more are required for most roles. Rehearsals will begin in November with performances in October 2020 in L.A. to prepare for possible performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2021. Pay is $25 per hour for rehearsals and $100–$200 per performance. Apply here!

Casting is underway for “Sprung,” a hip-hop feature film version of a classic German play about high school students and the authority they rebel against. Talent, aged 18–24, with singing and dance skills, and Shakespeare training is wanted. Rehearsals will take place in December in the L.A. area followed by filming on dates TBD. Talent will be paid under a SAG-AFTRA New Media contract with all travel and meals provided. Apply here!

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